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BlackBerry believes in encryption backdoors - believes it's good for business

BlackBerry believes in encryption backdoors - thinks it’s good for business

BlackBerry and its rivals couldn’t be further apart it seems, telling federal conference delegates that the company is a strong believer in providing law enforcement agencies with methods to lawfully intercept communications.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Business Insights blog.

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BlackBerry warns of TIFF vulnerability that could allow malware to run on enterprise servers

Malicious hackers could create a boobytrapped TIFF image file and either trick a BlackBerry smartphone user into visiting a webpage carrying the image, or embed the malicious image directly into an email or instant message…

..and plant malware on your enterprise server.

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Mobile phone theft on the rise - here’s how to protect your data for free

Research released today has revealed that the theft of mobile phones is on the rise.

This isn’t just about losing an expensive phone - there’s also the threat of losing your data and money.

Learn how to better protect your phone.