Secret Bitcoin mining hoax risks wiping Mac users’ data

Everyone likes a laugh, but it’s not always quite so funny if you’re not in on the joke.

Take, for example, the Secret Bitcoin Mining hoax…

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Free WiFi proxy revealed to be sneakily Bitcoin mining on unsuspecting users’ computers

Always be wary of software which seems to be too good to be true. It may well be trying to make money at your expense.

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Silk Road closed down by the FBI, alleged founder identified and arrested

According to FBI, Silk Road generated more than $1.2 billion in online sales during its three years of operation – a truly staggering figure, which gives an indication of the amount of criminal activity that passed through its systems.

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Google and the Android Bitcoin flaw. There’s good and bad news

Hundreds of thousands of Android apps are thought to contain the critical flaw, but when will you receive an operating system patch?

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Bitcoin wallets created on Android devices at risk of theft

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in Android Bitcoin wallet apps that could leave users “vulnerable to theft”.

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Hackers tried to frame security blogger Brian Krebs in heroin plot

Cybercriminals don’t send gutsy security blogger rockstar Brian Krebs birthday cards.

Instead, they try to frame him by sending a dozen bags of heroin to his home in Northern Virginia.

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DevilRobber Mac OS X Trojan horse spies on you, uses GPU for Bitcoin mining

Spread via torrents, new Mac malware doesn’t just try to rob you of your information – it’s also keen to steal your computing time.

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