Bill Gates

Hacker who cloned Bill Gates’s credit card is arrested in Philippines

A Bulgarian “super-hacker” has been arrested in the Philippines for allegedly robbing ATMs with cloned credit cards.

Bill Gates offers $5000 for a Facebook share? It’s an old joke and still not funny

Facebook users are spreading a message across the social network, claiming that Bill Gates will cough up $5000 if you share a photograph of him.

Obviously it’s nonsense – but approximately half a million Facebook users fell for the hoax.

Bill Gates offers $5000 for Facebook sharing? It’s just not that funny

Bill Gates may be a billionaire, but if he’s going to splash his cash around he’s got better things to do with it than give it to people who simply share a photo of him on Facebook.

Bill Gates’s social security number, address, credit report and more… published by hackers

Bill Gates is the latest celebrity to have had his personal information published on a website that has exposed the social security numbers, addresses and personal financial information of a number of people in the public eye.

I’ve won three million Euros from Bill Gates!

Naked Security writer Graham Cluley announces his retirement, after winning three million Euros from Bill Gates.

Microsoft admits Bill Gates was wrong

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