Did the NSA and GCHQ hack this cryptography professor’s PC?

Anyone working in cryptography research now needs to consider themselves a potential target for state-sponsored cyber-attack, even from countries who you might consider to be on the same side as you.

GCHQ “created fake LinkedIn, Slashdot webpages” to infect targets with malware

If you work for Belgacom, or any other company of interest to GCHQ and the NSA, perhaps you shouldn’t visit LinkedIn.

Belgium’s largest telecom firm investigates new (state-sponsored?) hack against it

Belgacom, Belgium’s largest telecom company, has said it is investigating a new hacking attempt against its systems…

…just one month after it was revealed that GCHQ planted spyware on its servers.

GCHQ infected Belgium’s largest telecom company with spyware

UK intelligence planted malware on Belgacom’s computer systems, according to newly leaked documents.

Belgium’s largest telecoms company says it was hacked

Belgacom, the largest telecoms company in Belgium, has announced today that its systems were hacked into, and that it found “an unknown virus in a number of units in internal IT-system.”

Could it be an intelligence agency that hacked them?

How a Facebook blind date led to supermarket robbery

Do you take enough care over who you make your Facebook friend?

A supermarket manager learnt a lesson the hard way, after he struck up a friendship with a woman on Facebook. Little did he know, that when she invited him to a dinner date at her apartment, something else entirely was planned.