Pope sued over sexual abuse and not wearing seatbelt? Fake CNN and BBC news alerts spread malware

Malware campaigns spammed out in the last 24 hours have pretended to be breaking news stories from the likes of CNN and the BBC.

Cyber-attack on BBC Persian Service linked to Iranian intimidation

The BBC has revealed that it suffered a “sophisticated cyber attack” following a campaign of persistent intimidation from the Iranian authorities.

BBC warns of Heir Hunters email scams circulating

Be on the lookout for emails claiming to come from a daytime TV show, after it was discovered that scammers are using the disguise to grab personal information.

‘We could hack the Queen’s medical records if we wanted’

The BBC claims that computer hackers were hired by private investigators to spy on politicians and the military.

And who benefited from the hacking? The British press.

VIDEO: Awkward! Facebook VP stumped by BBC question

Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s VP Public Policy, was struck dumb by BBC reporter Emily Maitlis when she quizzed him about the ethics of “Sponsored Stories” on Facebook in a television documentary shown this weekend in the UK.

Should you trust this ‘BBC’ news report? Work from home scam spammed out

Who do you trust online?

Your friends? Lady Gaga? The media? How about the BBC?

If you read a news story on the BBC website, would you trust what it was saying?

BBC Sport in Rugby World Cup Twitter spam slip-up

A compromised Twitter account has resulted in the embarrassing broadcast of a spam message via the BBC’s website.

Would the typical rugby fan really be interested in an Acai Berry diet?

BBC Lottery: Have you won too?

I must be the luckiest person on the planet – I keep winning lotteries!

Here’s the latest notification – straight from Aunty Beeb herself, the BBC.

Lady Gaga found dead in hotel room? Beware Facebook clickjacking scam

Has Lady Gaga really been found dead in a hotel room?

A clickjacking scam which has spread rapidly across Facebook would certainly like you to think so.

BBC Panorama investigates News of the World computer hacking

Did a British newspaper hire a hacker to infect someone’s computer with a spyware Trojan horse?

EastEnders baby swap plot exploited by Facebook scammers

A controversial BBC soap opera plotline is being exploited on Facebook by rogue applications to earn money through survey scams.

Stuxnet on the BBC World Service

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How not to measure PC security tools

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BBC writes smartphone spyware, and Android malware developments

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Scaremongering scientist claims to have infected himself with computer virus

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Fame at last! I appear on BBC Newsround

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