Apple fined €25 million for deliberately slowing down old iPhones

Apple has been hit with a 25 million Euro fine (US $27.5 million) after it added battery management features to iOS that slowed down the performance of older iPhones.

The man suing Apple over two-factor authentication has ‘previous’

Many have been baffled by Jay Brodsky’s legal action against Apple, including his claim that it takes between two and five minutes for him to pass the 2FA security check.

But things began to fall a little more into place when you discover it’s not the first time he has sued Apple.

Apple sued over death blamed on faulty iPad battery

Was iPad’s Lithium-ion battery to blame for apartment fire that killed 64-year-old man two years ago?

Advertisers could be tracking you via your battery status

Aside from tracking, there are other ways that battery information could be exploited.