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Trump appointee says for the ‘past several years’ he has been the victim of ‘multiple cyber attacks’

Apparently it wasn’t him who said those nasty things about Barack Obama’s mom.

Is Obama planning a coup? Yes, says Google Home

To err is human. Google proves once again that to really screw things up you need the internet of things.

Obama: “China, don’t you dare make us put backdoors in our software!” (That’s our job…)

China and the United States are at loggerheads over Beijing’s plan to force technology companies to share their encryption keys, and put backdoors into their software, if they wish to sell into China.

After all, that would never be proposed by a Western government, would it..?

President Obama says he leans more towards strong encryption than law enforcement

“There’s no scenario in which we don’t want really strong encryption,” says US President Barack Obama.

And I love him for saying it.

US levies sanctions against North Korea because of umm.. the Sony hack

Of all the reasons to have sanctions against North Korea, the one they gave special attention to was the Sony hack.

And, as we all now know, there is a lot of skepticism as to whether North Korea was really responsible for that…

Everything we know about NSA spying [VIDEO]

Find out why metadata matters, and how it can easily reveal what you might have been talking about – even if someone hasn’t spied on the content of your conversation.

Check out this fascinating video by the EFF’s Kurt Opsahl, and learn more.

Barack Obama isn’t allowed an iPhone, ‘for security reasons’

He’s only too aware, of course, about how the mobile phone conversations of world leaders can be spied upon.

Europe furious with USA. Calls spying on leaders a breach of trust

Europe is furious with the United States over the extent of its spying activities.

Must have made for some awkward conversations between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Barack Obama’s SSL certificate, NASA and NIST among those to fall as government shutdown hits sites

Barack Obama’s website may still be up and running, but no-one has paid for his SSL certificate to be renewed.

Anti-Obama Android Trojan horse poses as Jay-Z app, spies on users, triggers on July 4th

If you’re a fan of rapper Jay-Z, and are comfortable installing apps onto your Android from non-official sources, then you should probably be on your guard.

How Twitter users can fake a verified account – and how you can tell the difference

Learn a simple way to fool other Twitter users into thinking your account is verified..

And discover how you can tell the difference between a fake verified Twitter account and the real deal.

US Election voting booth hoax spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are mistakenly sharing a warning with each other about how to behave in voting booths during today’s elections for the American presidency.

Stuxnet: How USA and Israel created anti-Iran virus, and then lost control of it

The Stuxnet virus was created by the USA to target an Iranian nuclear facility, but accidentally escaped into the wider world, claims the New York Times.

Fox News Twitter account announces Barack Obama dead after hack

A Twitter account belonging to Fox News has been hacked and posted false stories claiming that Barack Obama has been assassinated.

The President is finally taking charge? No, a Facebook phishing attack

Phishers are after your Facebook login details again, this time by spreading a link which purports to be a video of Barack Obama.

Obama: Gary McKinnon’s fate is in the hands of the British legal system

Barack Obama has said that the decision as to whether hacker Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the United States lies with the British legal system.