High-tech hackers stole $300 million from 100 banks. But here’s what the media forgot to tell you

Banks need to keep their wits about them and treat security as a high priority, as hackers become ever more sophisticated and audacious in their attempts to steal cash.

But there’s something about the Carbanak attack that the New York Times neglected to tell you…

JPMorgan and other US banks get hacked. Why is Russia getting the blame?

The big news should be that five US banks apparently got hacked.

Not that someone is guessing that the Kremlin might have been behind it…

Hacked Japanese porn sites spread banking malware attack

Thinking of spending some time perusing Japanese porn websites before you do your online banking? Security researchers at ESET have analysed an organised malware campaign that stole the login credentials of online banking customers after infecting PCs that had visited X-rated websites.

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Lloyds TSB bank clerks accused of installing hardware device to help them steal £2 million

Three Lloyds TSB employees have been accused of conspiring to steal over £2 million from bank accounts, after allegedly installing a hardware device to steal passwords from the banking group.

Operation Waking Shark II: UK banks play cyber war games

Financial firms in London will be simulating a massive internet attack today, as thousands of IT and security staff play out a series of digital disasters to test their ability to respond and work together in a crisis.

Unanswered questions after the KVM hacks against Santander and Barclays bank

Neira Jones feels that there are more questions than answers, following the high profile targeted attacks against branches of the Santander and Barclays banks.

US-wanted “bank hacker” is all smiles as he is arrested at Bangkok airport [VIDEO]

An alleged hacker, suspected by the FBI of stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts, has been arrested by Thai police and paraded in front of the world’s media.

Fraudster jailed after pillaging Facebook accounts for personal information

A British man stole £35,000 from his neighbours’ bank accounts after determining their passwords via personal information they posted on Facebook.

What lessons can we learn to prevent there being similar cases in future?

Russian hacker avoids jail after $9 million RBS WorldPay ATM heist

A hacker involved in the “most sophisticated and organised computer fraud attack ever” has avoided a jail sentence.

Is Russia being tough enough on cybercriminals?

NASDAQ reports hackers broke into its servers

The NASDAQ stock exchange has called in investigators from the FBI after discovering it had become the target of hackers.

It says that “at no point” were its trading systems compromised, but major Fortune 500 companies may still have cause for concern.

British e-crime police need more funding, says Met Police chief

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USA charges 60 people as part of international ZBot investigation

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Computer cops arrest 19 in dawn ZBot raid

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Hacker behind $9 million RBS WorldPay ATM heist avoids Russian jail

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Phishers exploit HMRC tax error refund in UK

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PCI data security song [VIDEO]

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