Super Mario Run for Android? No, it’s malware

Attackers have created a fake version of Super Mario Run for Android in an attempt to trick unsuspecting smartphone users into downloading the Marcher trojan.

David Bisson reports.

Tordow 2.0 Android banking trojan gains root access, mimics ransomware

Take care if downloading apps from third-party sites. The Tordow Android malware has been seen posing as Telegram, Pokemon Go and VKontakte.

David Bisson reports.

Hackers stole $31 million from Russian banks in 2016, as FSB warns of foreign plot

As Russia’s central bank reveals hackers stole millions from accounts, the FSB warns of a foreign plot to destabilise the banking system.

Hackers threaten to leak bank customers’ account info unless they pay up

Extortionists are threatening to publish the account information of a hacked banks’ customers unless they hand over cash.

David Bisson reports.

20,000 Tesco Bank accounts raided by hackers, money stolen

Tesco Bank customers are likely to have their confidence rattled after it is confirmed that tens of thousands of accounts were raided by hackers this weekend.

ATM explosive attacks up 80 percent. Take cover!

ATM explosive attacks increased by as much as 80 percent in the first half of 2016, reveals a new report.

David Bisson reports.

Odinaff trojan targets SWIFT users, financial organisations

Malware takes cues from Carbanak, and comes equipped with lots of hacking tools…

David Bisson reports.

Bank cyber heists are here to stay, says SWIFT security chief

Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been stolen, and there’s every chance that we haven’t seen the last of it.

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Hackers abused SWIFT to steal $10 million from Ukrainian bank

It doesn’t matter if you’re an ordinary user or an employee of a large financial organization. Whatever you do, don’t click on suspicious links or email attachments, and don’t provide sensitive personal or corporate information to someone you don’t know.

David Bisson reports.

50 detained as Russia swoops on $45 million banking malware gang

Armed officers wearing balaclavas stormed properties, confiscating computer equipment, forged bank cards and financial documents.

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Android trojan intercepts SMS messages to raid bank accounts

A new Android trojan has the ability to intercept text messages and bypass the SMS-based two-factor authentication system protecting customers’ bank accounts.

David Bisson reports.

Dridex malware adopts redirection attacks to target high-value UK banking customers

The Dridex trojan has adopted a new attack methodology that it is using to target high-value customers of several UK banks.

David Bisson reports.

Terrible Tiny Banker strikes again! Tinba banking trojan fixes gaze on Singapore

Researchers have recently observed the Tinba v3 ‘Tiny Banker’ Trojan horse targeting banks located in Singapore.

David Bisson reports.

Bank refuses to pay $3,000,000 ransom, hacker exposes customer account details

A hacker has published the account statements of hundreds of United Arab Emirates (UAE) bank customers after his $3 million ransom demand went unfulfilled.

David Bisson reports.

Could emoji passcodes be safer for online bank users?

Don’t be surprised if some banking apps start to ask you for your emoji passcode sooner rather than later.

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Hackers steal $5 million from Ryanair’s bank account

Controversial budget airline Ryanair has fallen victim to hackers who managed to steal almost US $5 million via a fraudulent electronic transfer to a Chinese bank.

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