Android anti-virus products put to the test – which are the best at stopping new malicious apps?

If there’s one clear message you can take away from the latest real-world test of Android security products, it’s that relying upon Google to protect your smartphone isn’t really good enough.


Five new malware programs are discovered every second

A new report from the respected independent testing agency AV-Test.org reveals some scary-sounding facts about the state of malware today.

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The best anti-virus protection for Windows 8.1 home users and business?

Which products do you trust to keep your computer safe from malware?

Check out the latest test results from AV-Test.org, and discover how your anti-virus performed.

Can you guess which vendor is ‘feeble’ at protecting businesses from malware?

Ultimately, an anti-virus which isn’t doing a good enough job of stopping the malware could well cost you more in the long run.

Independent testing agency AV-Test.org put 11 products under the microscope.

Wearable fitness trackers tested for data leakage and poor security

Nine different wearable fitness trackers have been put under the microscope, in order to explore how well they are protecting users’ data.

And it’s not all good news…

Another anti-virus vendor caught cheating in independent tests

Would you believe an anti-virus vendor doesn’t care if it doesn’t find some malware, just so long as it can look better in independent speed tests?

Revealed: The anti-virus vendor cheating in independent tests

As one anti-virus vendor is named for cheating in independent detection tests, another is said to be in the spotlight for deliberately manipulating performance tests – and potentially introducing a security risk.

How time flies when you’re counting viruses

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AV-Test.org’s malware count exceeds 22 million

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