Toyota Australia driven offline by cyber attack, as heart hospital hit by ransomware

Car maker Toyota admitted earlier today that it had suffered what appears to have been a malware attack at its facilities in Melbourne, Australia, which knocked out its website and other communications.

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US, UK, and Australian governments accuse Russia of targeting networking infrastructure

An alert warns that since 2015 large numbers of enterprise-class and consumer routers, switches, firewalls, and Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems have been compromised to further the national security and economic goals of Russia.

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F-35 fighter jet secrets stolen from Australian defence contractor in ‘extensive’ hack

Unknown individuals stole sensitive information pertaining to Australia’s defense programs by hacking a government contractor.

David Bisson reports.

Tor users in the States were hacked by Australian authorities

Joseph Cox at Motherboard writes: Australian authorities hacked Tor users in the US as part of a child pornography investigation, Motherboard has learned. The contours of this previously-unreported hacking operation have come to light through recently-filed US court documents. The case highlights how law enforcement around the world are increasingly pursuing targets overseas using hacking

Speaking security down under – Cluley coming to Sydney and Melbourne in March

Attention Australians!

Graham Cluley will be coming to Sydney and Melbourne in March, joining the CSO Perspectives Roadshow. Spaces are strictly limited, so reserve your seat now!

Hackers break into Linux Australia server, plant malware, steal personal information

Linux Australia has warned its members and conference attendees that their personal information may have fallen into the hands of online criminals, following a breach of the organisation’s servers.

If China or Russia had compromised every mobile phone, *then* would the authorities take it more seriously?

Gemalto says it was hacked, and believes it could have been the NSA or GCHQ who did it.

So how should different countries respond to the reports that secure mobile phone communications may now be compromised? Watch this video to see what Australian spooks had to say.

Australians troll politicians via iMessage, in protest at metadata law

Australian attorney-general George Brandis bombarded with messages to his smartphone, including the first chapter of “1984”.

In-store Fuji photo kiosks spread malware

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Virgin Mobile fined for sending email spam

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Chinese hackers deface film festival website

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National E-Security Week in Australia

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Australian PM targeted by Chinese hackers?

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