Secure email service Tutanota complains it is being blocked by AT&T in parts of the United States

Some US users of the Tutanota have been unable to access the secure email service while out and about on their smartphones since the end of January.

The common demoninator? They all use AT&T for their internet access.

AT&T workers bribed to install malware on company network and unlock iPhones

34-year-old Muhammad Fahd has been charged for his part in a criminal scheme that is said to have cost AT&T millions of dollars.

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EFF calls for AT&T iPad ‘hacker’ to be freed, saying government made an example of him

Auernheimer was stupid for not responsibly informing AT&T of the flaw, rather than trying to make a name for his Goatse Security group in the media, and this case has exposed how vague language used in the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act could be abused by prosecutors.

But AT&T were even more dumb for creating a system that could serve up customers’ email addresses to anyone – without requiring a username or password.

Goatse hacker pleads guilty to stealing iPad user data

An alleged member of the Goatse Security hacking group, has pleaded guilty to breaking into AT&T’s systems and obtaining the email addresses of iPad users.

iPad owners’ email addresses exposed: let’s stay calm

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