Ashley Madison

Reports claim Ashley Madison discussed hacking competitor, as users sue for emotional distress

Perhaps Ashley Madison should have got its own house in order before looking for the security weaknesses in others?

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‘Bring me the head of the AC/DC-loving Ashley Madison hacker’

At a Toronto Police news conference, law enforcement officers updated the media on the investigation into the Ashley Madison hack.

A $500,000 Canadian dollar reward is up for grabs.

Suicide and Ashley Madison

Nobody deserves to die because of the Ashley Madison leak.

And even if your details were found in the database it DOESN’T mean you were ever a member of the site (as it didn’t verify email addresses), and it definitely doesn’t mean you cheated on your partner.

‘Yes. I was a member of the Ashley Madison website. But I wasn’t there to cheat on anyone’

“There are people out there like me that had no bad intentions and did NOT pay to use the site for what it was designed for. Potentially, those are the people that could be hurt the worst.”

An anonymous contributor explains why his email address could be in the leaked Ashley Madison database.

Ashley Madison: Betting site offers odds on who will be exposed

Paddy Power shows its true colours – offering odds on who will be caught out by the Ashley Madison database breach.

Ashley Madison’s leaked database available for download – read this first

Are you looking to download the leaked Ashley Madison database? You should read this first.

The Ashley Madison hack – further thoughts on its aftermath

As bogus news reports claim that an Ashley Madison user has killed himself in the aftermath of the data breach, Per Thorsheim shares some further thoughts.

Don’t judge Ashley Madison users too quickly, their accounts may be fake

Ashley Madison’s user database, if it ever appears in public, doesn’t prove anything.

Don’t be too quick to judge, says Per Thorsheim.

No Ashley Madison, you weren’t burgled by terrorists

Ashley Madison, you got hacked. Badly.

But that doesn’t mean you’re the victim of cyber terrorism.

Post-hack, Ashley Madison offers members full and free account deletion

Following an embarrassing hack that has potentially put its 37 million members at risk, the somewhat sleazy hook-up site Ashley Madison is allowing all members to fully delete their profiles for free.

Which is nice of them.

The insider threat highlighted by Hacking Team and Ashley Madison hacks

Many of us spend a lot of time worrying about external hackers, spammed-out malware and internet intrusions – but sometimes the instigators of an attack against your business can be much closer to home.

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Ashley Madison hack could expose 37 million ‘cheating dirtbags’

Hackers are demanding that the popular adultery website Ashley Madison is shut down… or they will release a database containing details of its 37 million users, information about employees and salary and bank account information.