Free Apple iTunes Giftcard scam spreads on Facebook

Facebook users are being tricked into helping scammers earn money, in the mistaken belief that they will receive a free $25 Apple iTunes Giftcard.

Goatse hacker pleads guilty to stealing iPad user data

An alleged member of the Goatse Security hacking group, has pleaded guilty to breaking into AT&T’s systems and obtaining the email addresses of iPad users.

Apple fixes critical security issues with Mac OS X update

It’s time once again to patch your Mac against the latest security vulnerabilities – before they’re exploited by malware authors and hackers.

The top 10 passcodes you should never use on your iPhone

Are you one of the many people who is using a dangerously easy-to-guess passcode on your iPhone?

Maybe you should do something about it – sooner rather than later.

iPhone 5G spam spreads Windows malware

A spammed-out malware attack poses as an advert from Apple for the (non-existent) iPhone 5.

Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere sex video spreads Mac malware on Facebook

Mac users on Facebook are under malware attack again – with what claims to be a sex video of celebrities Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere.

89% say they would tell Mac-using friends to install anti-virus, poll reveals

It appears that a sea change is occurring – with more and more Mac users realising the advantages of running anti-virus software to secure their computers.

Use Safari on your Mac? Make sure you change the default settings

Every Mac user should check their settings in Safari – as changing the defaults could help avoid them being exposed to a malware infection.

Malware on your Mac? Don’t expect AppleCare to help you remove it

Technology writer Ed Bott has interviewed an AppleCare support representative, who reveals that the overwhelming majority of calls they are receiving are about malware.. on Mac computers.

Mac App Store exposes users to security risks, claims researcher

If you are using the Apple Mac App Store you might be putting your computer’s security at risk, because of the service’s tardy attitude to critical updates.

Mac fake anti-virus attack gets dirty to ensnare victims

The latest variants of the new Mac malware use particularly dirty tricks to catch out unsuspecting users.

Mac fake anti-virus attack adopts new disguise

New versions of the latest malware to hit Mac OS X users have come to light, following the discovery earlier this week of fake anti-virus attacks being spread by SEO poisoning.

Apple iOS update quashes location tracking “bug”

Apple has released an iOS update for the iPhone and iPad, addressing concerns that the devices were tracking users’ locations.

The Color iPhone app, privacy, spam and hype

The much-hyped Color app offers to share photos with those around you – but what about privacy and spam concerns?

Apple issues mammoth security update for Safari browser

Safari 5 receives a colossal security patch from Apple – whether you’re a Windows or a Mac user, it’s time to update your systems.

Update your Apple devices to iOS 4.3, or risk malicious code attacks

Apple’s new iOS 4.3 update includes a number of critical security patches – some of which are designed to prevent vulnerabilities being exploited that could lead to malicious code being run on your iPhone or iPad.

But how are iPhone 3G users supposed to protect themselves?