Peekaboo Moments app left baby videos, photos, and 800,000 users’ email addresses exposed on the internet

The developer of a smartphone app has carelessly left a database accessible to anybody with an internet connection, leaving exposed a database of millions of records containing baby videos and photos, as well as the email addresses of users.

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RSA Conference badge-scanning smartphones exhibit poor security

A hard-coded password in a badge-scanning app leaves Androids open to exploitation.

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Target app shares holiday wishlists, personal info with friends, family… and rest of the internet?

This holiday season, it might be a good idea to just call up your friends and family and tell them what you want for a gift – rather than relying on an app.

David Bisson reports.

Vulnerable parking apps allow hackers to steal your login and credit card details

Six Android parking payment apps come under the microscope, and are found lacking when it comes to security.

David Bisson reports.

Peeple – a lesson in social media misuse?

Whether the controversial Peeple app is real or fake is up for debate.

But one thing is for sure – it might teach us an important lesson about social media.

Bob Covello explains.

Subway app’s security update leaves a queasy feeling in my stomach

Sandwich retailer Subway has issued a security update for its iOS and Android apps, locking some users’ accounts, and resetting passwords.

Malicious app hijacks Android phones to mine cryptocurrency… and gets slammed by the FTC

Apps like “Prized” are dangerous not only because they misrepresent themselves to consumers but also because they cost users’ time, resources, and money.

Hackers plotted fake Android Flappy Bird app to steal young women’s photos

Next time you install an app on your phone, you’d best think twice if it asks permission to access your photos.

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BBC News app hijacked? Bogus breaking news alerts posted

BBC News apologises after bogus breaking news alerts are pushed out to smartphone users claiming that Game of Thrones will have an episode which doesn’t involve nudity.

As if…

LifeLock pulls its Wallet apps and deletes user data after security scare

LifeLock, a firm which is supposed to help you protect yourself from identity thieves, has taken the drastic action of announcing that it is yanking its iPhone and Android apps.

The reason? It looks like it wasn’t doing a good enough job of keeping your private information private.

Bogus Android anti-virus app dupes thousands, including Google itself, and makes it to #1 in the charts

A paid-for Android anti-virus app rapidly becomes one of the hottest downloads in the official Google Play store.

Shame it doesn’t scan for any malware then.

No, 7-year-old Eli Moreno wasn’t abducted after playing the Talking Angela app

A news story claims that a seven-year-old boy has been abducted after his mother installed the Talking Angela app on her iPhone.

But should you believe it? And, most importantly, should you forward the story to others?

No, the Talking Angela app wasn’t created by me

I was thinking that things were already bonkers enough with the “Talking Angela” app hoax that has spread widely across the internet.

And then I got the strangest phone call…

Talking Angela app scare spreads between English and French Facebook users

A warning spreads on Facebook about “Talking Angela”, a smartphone app that gives your children some animated cat chat.

But it’s all too simple for people to share warnings – rather than check if the facts are true.

Beware! Flappy Bird fake apps are stealing money for cybercriminals

Fake versions of Flappy Bird have managed to trick Android users into installing them, hitting them in the wallet.

Don’t let Flappy Bird’s addictive qualities override your judgement.

Gmail for iOS users told to check their trash and spam before Feb 14th

Google has thrown some iPhone users’ Gmail messages into the trash can. And you’ve only got until Feb 14th to get them out.