12 million iPhone and iPad device IDs hacked from the FBI, Anonymous claims

Hackers claim to have stolen a database of 12,367,232 Apple device IDs, and personal information such as full names, cellphone numbers, addresses and zipcodes belonging to iPhone and iPad users.

And where do they claim they stole this information? From an FBI laptop… via a Java vulnerability.

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Formula 1 website attacked by Anonymous, brought down by DDoS

Anonymous hacktivists blasted the Formula 1 website off the net, with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

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Anonymous attacks UK Prime Minister and Home Office websites with DDoS assault

Anonymous hacktivists have launched a distributed denial-of-service attack against the British government’s Home Office website, preventing legitimate users from visiting the site by flooding it with unwanted internet traffic.

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LulzSec suspect Ryan Cleary sent back to jail – for contacting Sabu

Ryan Cleary breached his bail agreement by using the internet..

.. to contact LulzSec leader Sabu (who just happened to be secretly working for the FBI).

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Anonymous OS – you’d be crazy to trust it

Proceed with caution if you’re thinking of downloading and installing Anonymous OS, the purported new operating system from the Anonymous collective.

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The problem with Anonymous.. it doesn’t know who it is

If your movement has no defined leadership, no structure, no way for people to officially become members.. how can it define what’s done in the name of the movement and what isn’t?

Anonymity can have its drawbacks.

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Anonymous hacker confesses to stealing abortion database records

A hacker linked with the Anonymous movement has admitted to breaking into the website of Britain’s biggest abortion service, and stealing the records of approximately 10,000 people.

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Suspected Anonymous hacker arrested after abortion website attack

Police have arrested a 27-year-old man, suspected of defacing and hacking into the website of Britain’s largest single abortion provider.

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How Anonymous spied on FBI / UK Police hacking investigation conference call

How careful are you with your conference call details?

Can you be sure that no-one is listening in to your private business discussions?

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Panda Security cleans up defaced websites after LulzSec arrest revenge attack

An anti-virus firm blogs about LulzSec and Sabu, and finds its webpages defaced by a vengeful Anonymous.

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LulzSec ‘leader’ Sabu betrayed Anonymous hackers, reports claim

Infamous hacker Sabu is said to have betrayed his comrades in LulzSec and Anonymous, and have been working for the FBI for months.

Hector Xavier Monsegur has pleaded guilty to internet attacks, as others arrested on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Police arrest four suspected Anonymous hacktivists

Police say that they have arrested four people, in connection with a series of Anonymous internet attacks against Spanish websites.

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CIA website brought down – were Anonymous attackers responsible?

The CIA’s website was brought down for some hours last night by what appears to have been an internet distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

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VIDEO: Boston Police hits back at Anonymous with sarcasm

Anonymous is proud of saying that an idea can’t be arrested or killed, but it seems like the Boston Police Department has thought of one way of fighting back: sarcasm.

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Hackers fail to extort $50,000 from Symantec, as pcAnywhere source code is published

Symantec has confirmed that source code of an old version of pcAnywhere has been published on the net by hackers, as claims are made that the data thieves tried to extort $50,000 from the security firm.

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Anonymous spies on FBI / UK Police hacking investigation conference call

A recording of a confidential conference call between the FBI and UK law enforcement officers at the Metropolitan Police has been released by Anonymous on the internet.

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