The DDoS attacker rescued by a Disney cruise ship is sentenced to over 10 years in prison

A 34-year old man has been jailed after being found guilty of launching a massive denial-of-service attack against Boston Children’s Hospital.

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WikiLeaks knocked offline in ongoing feud between OurMine hacking gang and Anonymous

When OurMine and Anonymous get embroiled in an online battle, other websites feel the pain.

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Nissan took down websites following Anonymous DDoS attacks

Nissan temporarily took down its websites earlier this week following a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks launched by the hacktivist group Anonymous. The reason? The DDoS attackers appear to have been protesting against the killing of dolphins in Japanese waters.

David Bisson reports.

NYSE: Bad software rollout – not hackers – took out the Stock Exchange

Sorry to disappoint you, but hackers weren’t to blame for trading being halted on the New York Stock Exchange.

Thirty Meter Telescope website falls over in hacktivist DDoS attack

Hacktivists have launched a distributed denial-of-service attack against the website of TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope), which is planned to be the Northern hemisphere’s largest, most advanced, optical telescope.

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Anonymous attacks Jihadist websites after Parisian killings

Anonymous says it is fighting for freedom of expression, as it launches denial-of-service attacks against websites…

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Deadmau5 hacked by Anonymous? No, it’s a lame April Fool

If you have millions of social networking fans, is it sensible to joke that you have been hacked?

UK government launched DoS attack against Anonymous hackers doing the same thing

It’s not just hackers who launch denial-of-service attacks. Sometimes law enforcement agencies do it too.

The United Kingdom is the first Western government known to have conducted such an attack, leaked documents reveal.

Crumbs! Sounds like the law forbids freed LulzSec hacker from safely dumping his old computer

The infamous LulzSec hacker Topiary is free, but has been given some restrictions on what he can and cannot do on his computer.

Opinion: No, the LulzSec hackers weren’t noble

Graham Cluley argues that it’s not cool, or funny, to hack into companies, expose the private information of members of the general public, and to launch denial of service attacks.

The LulzSec hackers who boasted they were "Gods" await their sentence

Four members of the notorious LulzSec hacking gang, who attacked websites belonging to the likes of the CIA, the NHS and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), are due to be sentenced by the UK authorities.

Hackers threaten revenge if LulzSec hackers are given stiff sentences today

Hackers are threatening to wreak revenge on the authorities if members of the LulzSec gang receive tough sentences in a London courtroom today.

LulzSec hackers plead guilty, admit attacks on CIA, SOCA, Sony and others

Southwark Crown Court in London has heard that three members of the LulzSec hacking gang have chosen to plead guilty to charges that they launched distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against a series of organisations including the CIA and the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Hackers play Asteroids on US government websites

To have one website fall foul of Asteroid-loving hackers may be regarded as a misfortune; but to have two looks like carelessness.

Anonymous ransomware – but who is hiding behind this malware’s mask?

£100 is demanded as payment in order to gain access back to your files. You only have 24 hours to pay up.

And the people who are holding your data hostage claim to be part of Anonymous..

Anonymous names man they say drove Amanda Todd to suicide

In September this year, a Canadian teenager called Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube describing how she had been the victim of bullying.

And then she killed herself.

Now, Anonymous has named the man that they blame for her misery.