Anonymous responds after suspected hacktivists arrested in Italy and Switzerland

Anonymous downplays significance of police action in Italy and Switzerland against alleged hacktivists.

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Spanish police arrest Anonymous hacking suspects

Spanish police have arrested three men, suspected of being members of the notorious Anonymous online protest group.

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Westboro Baptist Church and Anonymous come to internet blows

Anonymous supporters have launched a DDoS attack against Westboro Baptist Church, the group famous for picketing military funerals with anti-gay signs.

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Did Anonymous ‘spokesperson’ rickroll The Alyona Show?

An Anonymous “source”, interviewed by a TV news programme, appears to be no stranger to internet memes when discussing arrests in the USA and UK.

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Met Police arrest five in Anonymous DDoS attacks probe

A dawn raid by UK computer crime cops investigating WikiLeaks-related DDoS attacks results in the arrest of five people, aged 15-26.

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Egypt versus the internet – Anonymous hackers launch DDoS attack

Hackers are bombarding official websites in Egypt with a DDoS attack, hot on the heels of similarly politically-motivated attacks against websites belonging to the governments of Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

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Pro-WikiLeaks hackers bring down Tunisian government websites

The official government website of Tunisia, and that belonging to the Tunisian President, are brought down in a co-ordinated denial-of-service attack.

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Pro-WikiLeaks hackers attack Zimbabwe government websites

Hacktivists have struck a blow against the regime in Zimbabwe – attacking a number of government websites in support of newspapers who published secret cables in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga.

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Second Dutch teenager arrested for WikiLeaks-related DDoS attacks

Dutch authorities say they have arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with denial-of-service attacks against police and prosecutor websites in the country.

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Dutch police website attacked after arrest of suspected hacker

Just a day after Dutch police arrested a 16-year-old boy in connection with Wikileaks-related denial-of-service attacks, websites belonging to the Netherlands computer crime cops and prosecutors have been struck with a similar assault.

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Dutch boy arrested for WikiLeaks-related DDoS attacks on Mastercard and PayPal

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested in the Netherlands by computer crime authorities in connection with the recent high profile distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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Are DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks against the law?

Is it sensible to volunteer to be part of a distributed denial-of-service attack? Learn first about the legality, and the other DDoSers who may have gone before you, and ended up in jail.

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