Smashing Security #013: Assault with a deadly tweet

Graham is embarrassed by a Twitter security snafu. How an animated GIF could prove deadly. Social engineering threats against your workforce. And will you be able to do any work on your laptop next time you catch an airplane?

Take a listen to the latest Smashing Security podcast, with Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault and special guest Alex Eckelberry.

Laptops, tablets and other gadgets banned from cabin on some US-bound flights

Thinking of bringing your laptops, tablet, camera, or DVD players into the airplane cabin?

Hacking airplane entertainment systems

Hackers could exploit several flaws in the Panasonic Avionic In-Flight Entertainment system to spoil an airline flight for their fellow passengers.

David Bisson reports.

Got an F-35 stealth jet? You may need to turn its radar off and on again

This software glitch’s solution is down to earth.

Turn your Boeing 787 off and on again, or it will crash

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your Boeing 787 switched on for 248 days. Because an integer overflow bug could cause it to crash.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 video scams still being found on Facebook

Cold-hearted scammers have no qualms about taking advantage of horrific news stories.

Although Facebook has squashed some of the scams related to the missing Malaysian MH370 airplane, others are still popping up.

Beware airplane ticket N648365 – it contains malware

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