advance fee fraud

A typical day in the life of my Twitter inbox…

Don’t forget, if you’re a scammer you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter at @gcluley with your business or marriage proposal.

A QQ-loving US soldier in Iraq is offering $120 to every reader of Naked Security

Apparently Sgt Jack Lenz is looking for a “loyal and trusting person”.

Well, that’s *us* – right?

A million dollars, the Internet Crime Complaint Center and Naked Security – the ingredients for a scam

An email scam is using a Naked Security news story about the arrest of a gang of suspected credit card fraudsters, in an attempt to scam innocent internet users.

Multiply multilingual – Email scams aren’t just from Nigeria

They used to be called “Letters from Nigeria”, but it’s not such a good name these days. Because they can come from any corner of the world, in a multitude of languages.

Diplomat held at JFK airport with a lot of cash – a convoluted Nigerian email scam

A diplomat has been stopped at JFK airport in New York, carrying a lot of cash destined for your bank account.

Please send the certificate proving you own the money, or you’ll be charged with money laundering..

How you can make over $290 million a week through email scams

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Nurse loses $400,000 to Nigerian email scammers

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