Adobe Flash

With 36 security fixes, you should either update Adobe Flash now… or kill it

Adobe has issued an update for its widely-used Flash Player browser plugin, patching a total of 36 different vulnerabilities.

So will you choose to trash Flash or update it?

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Another nail in Flash’s coffin. Google Chrome to block Flash by default on most websites

Google Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, is banging another nail into Adobe Flash’s coffin… in preference for HTML5.

Time to trash Flash? If you’re not ready for that, you must update Adobe Flash now

Adobe issued a patch earlier today which addresses the critical zero-day vulnerability being actively exploited by online criminals.

So, will you update Flash or are you ready to ditch it entirely?

Adobe warns of Flash zero-day vulnerability, being actively exploited by online criminals

Adobe Flash users find themselves in danger once again, as they wait for an emergency security patch to fix a vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild.

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Hackers turn their back on exploiting Java, to focus on Flash flaws

The malicious hackers developing exploit kits, designed to help online criminals break into computers systems and spread malware, are keener on exploiting Adobe Flash than any other software.

Mac users attacked again by fake Adobe update

Mac users are once again being urged to exercise caution when installing updates to Adobe Flash Player, after a fake update was discovered infecting computers.

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Have Adobe Flash? Update now against actively-exploited zero-day flaw

Adobe has released an emergency security update for Flash Player, protecting against a vulnerability that is being actively exploited by hackers to spread ransomware.

Emergency Adobe Flash update prepped as hackers actively exploit flaw

Adobe has announced that it will be issuing an emergency security update for its widely-used Flash Player, after discovering hackers were actively exploiting a security hole to hijack control of computer systems.

How to update Adobe Flash – or uninstall it completely!

Protect your computer better by keeping Adobe Flash updated, or eradicate it completely.

Yasin Soliman explains.

Update Flash now – targeted attacks exploiting security holes

Windows, Mac and Linux users are being urged to update their installations of Adobe Flash, after the company pushed out a security patch addressing 23 reported vulnerabilities in the software.

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LeapFrog child’s toy found susceptible to attacks leveraging Adobe Flash

A popular children’s toy made by LeapFrog is susceptible to a variety of attacks that leverage Adobe Flash vulnerabilities.

David Bisson reports.

Plugins – yes, they’re handy but they also increase the surface of attack

Whichever web browser you are using, you should know that using any plugin runs the risk of putting your system – and your data – in increased peril.

Yasin Soliman reports.

Google bangs another nail in Flash’s coffin

Adobe Flash’s long lingering death scene is one step closer to its end.

Fake Flash Player update infects Macs with scareware

Mac scareware is being spread, with a little help from a legitimate Apple developer certificate. Be on your guard for bogus security warnings!

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Blast a hole in Adobe Flash and earn $100,000

The sad news is that Adobe may not be told about flaws which are found – which can only be bad news for the rest of us, left without protection.

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Kudos to Adobe. They patched Flash quicker than they promised

I don’t often say nice things about Adobe.

But when they do something well, they should be applauded.