ad blocking

Automatic 4K/HD for YouTube extension pulled from Chrome Store for pop-up ad abuse

A popular browser extension has been removed by Google from the Chrome Web Store after it started spamming users with irritating pop-up advertisements.

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Salon website gives you a choice: turn off your ad blocker or let us mine cryptocurrencies

If you don’t want to disable your ad blocker, maybe you’ll feel comfortable letting run code from Coinhive which will gobble up your computer’s resources to mine some Monero cryptocurrency.

Stop dilly-dallying. Block all ads on YouTube

Even Google, one of the world’s largest advertising companies, seems to be incapable of guaranteeing a stream of safe ads.

If these universities had run an ad blocker they might have been saved from ransomware attack

Until advertising networks manage to clean up their act, and stop distributing ads that are put our privacy and security at risk, I can’t advocate anyone going on the internet without an ad blocker.

Google is building an ad-blocker into Google Chrome, report claims

Google, an advertising company, is planning to introduce ad-blocking technology into the world’s most popular web browser – Google Chrome.

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Ad blocking is on the rise

A study by the Internet Advertising Bureau has found that 22% of British web users over 18 years old are using ad blocking software.

That’s up from 18% in October 2015.

Come on, we can do better than that…

Google was ever so quick to throw out that Android ad blocker… shame they can be slower on malware

Having rocketed to the top of the download charts in the Google Play store, the Android ad blocker AdBlock Fast fell down to earth with a bump yesterday as it was removed for violating developer guidelines.

MSN home page spreads malware via malicious ad

Are you blocking online ads yet?

Perhaps you should.

Yahoo blocking email access to those who block adverts

Yahoo is preventing some of its web email users from accessing their messages if they have an ad blocker installed.

An interesting move from the company that not so long ago was spreading malicious adverts to hundreds of thousands of users every hour.

Apple throws in-app ad blockers out of the iOS App Store, citing security concerns

Should iOS apps be able to block ads from appearing in apps like Facebook and Pinterest by funnelling your traffic through a VPN that inspects your web traffic?

No, says Apple.

How to block ads and prevent tracking in iOS 9 Safari

iOS 9, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads is out – and includes a new feature which could help you block adverts as you browse the web.

That’s good for privacy and security, as you can find out in my latest video.