Adobe releases nearly 70 security updates for Flash, Reader, and Acrobat

Adobe has released 69 security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities found in its Flash, Reader, and Acrobat applications.

Make sure you update your systems as quickly as possible to protect against the critical flaws.

David Bisson reports.

Critical updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat released – you can breathe again

You can stop holding your breath now, the wait is over.

Adobe has released security updates for Acrobat and its PDF Reader software fixing critical vulnerabilities in its Windows and Mac software.

Urgent! Adobe users told to patch Reader and Acrobat against zero-day attacks

Computer users should update their installations of Adobe Reader and Acrobat as a matter of urgency, after it was discovered that malicious hackers were exploiting a critical zero-day vulnerability in targeted attacks.

Critical security patches for Adobe Reader released (Acrobat, Flash Player and AIR too)

There’s no time to waste.

If you are responsible for one of the many millions of computers around the world running Adobe software, you need to make sure that the latest security updates are being installed.

Critical security updates for users of Microsoft and Adobe software

Patch Tuesday has been and gone, which means that if you’re responsible for the security of the computers in your office – or the ones you use at home – it’s time to update your systems once again.

Adobe investigates PDF Reader zero-day vulnerability reports

Adobe’s security team has said that it is investigating reports of a brand new zero-day vulnerability affecting its Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI (11.0.1) products.

Always be wary of opening unsolicited PDF files!

How NOT to redact a PDF – Military radar secrets spilled

The UK Ministry of Defence has been caught out again by a schoolboy error – not knowing how to properly redact a PDF.

As we’ve explained before, if you’re an organisation that is making public an internal document, you best make sure that you have deleted or blacked out any personal, confidential or actionable information.

How NOT to redact a PDF – Nuclear submarine secrets spilled

A silly error leaves egg on the face of the British military – but have you learnt the lessons of how to properly redact a PDF?

Critical zero-day vulnerability found in Adobe Flash, Reader, Acrobat

Adobe Flash, Reader and Acrobat are vulnerable to security holes that could allow malicious hackers to take control over your computer.

Mammoth security patch rushed out for Adobe Acrobat and Reader

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Adobe races to patch zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player

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Adobe products struck by zero-day attacks

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Critical security update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

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Boobytrapped PDFs pose threat to BlackBerry users

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Adobe announces its own Patch Tuesday

Following increasing concern about hackers taking advantage of security vulnerabilities in Adobe’s PDF-reading software, the company has announced that it will be making security updates available on a regular schedule.

Ladies and Gentlemen, update your PDF readers..

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