Now your LinkedIn account can be better protected than ever before

LinkedIn may not have a spotless record when it comes to security and privacy, but we should give them credit when they do something right.

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Tesco customers’ usernames and passwords exposed by hackers

A list revealing more than 2000 usernames and passwords, belonging to owners of Tesco Clubcards, has been published on the internet raising concerns once again about how accounts are protected from online criminals.

Serious security hole in Gmail password reset system found by security researcher

A security researcher has uncovered what Google has described as a “high impact” bug in its account recovery process, which could have potentially allowed hackers to trick users into handing over their passwords.

Two men rob internet cafe at gunpoint, but forget to log out of Facebook first

You don’t have to be a criminal to realise that it’s important to protect your Facebook account. So remember not to leave it open for anyone to access on an unattended computer.

Spammed out personal account keys contain Trojan horse

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