“18 Dead in shocking roller coaster accident” Facebook scam

Once again a scam has spread rapidly across Facebook, claiming to link to a shocking video.

On this occasion, the video claims to be gruesome footage of 18 people killed in a roller coaster accident at Universal Studios in Florida. Learn more and don’t be duped!

‘Huge plane crashes into bridge’ video is a Facebook survey scam

Thousands of Facebook users have fallen for the latest scam, which claims that a plane has crashed into a bridge.

Investigating the scam reveals a number of other survey scams that the fraudsters are planning to unleash on Facebook users.

Woman Falls from 220 feet Roller Coaster video scam spreads on Facebook

It’s clearly not 220 feet up, and it’s definitely not a roller coaster! But that’s not stopping Facebook users from falling for the latest scam.

Theme Park accident video used as bait by Facebook viral scammers

This weekend Facebook users have seen their online friends seemingly pass around links claiming to point to video footage of theme park accidents in either Alton Towers in the UK, Summertime Theme Park Australia, or Universal Studios in Hollywood. But all is not what it seems.