419 scam

A typical day in the life of my Twitter inbox…

Don’t forget, if you’re a scammer you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter at @gcluley with your business or marriage proposal.

Using bots to scam the scammers

A new bot takes the work out of fighting back against the scammers.

Bob Covello reports.

Beware #BringBackOurGirls email scammers

Scammers are exploiting the kidnapping of more than 200 innocent schoolgirls in Nigeria in an attempt to defraud internet users.

A QQ-loving US soldier in Iraq is offering $120 to every reader of Naked Security

Apparently Sgt Jack Lenz is looking for a “loyal and trusting person”.

Well, that’s *us* – right?


Although you may not be duped by email scams, it’s perfectly possible that you know someone elderly or vulnerable who might be. Always be on the lookout on their behalf, as a surprising number of easily exploited people have become financial victims in the past.

Share via email “Friends” spam via The Daily Mail leads to 419 scam

Spammers seem not to realise that Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross stopped being Friends years ago.

A million dollars, the Internet Crime Complaint Center and Naked Security – the ingredients for a scam

An email scam is using a Naked Security news story about the arrest of a gang of suspected credit card fraudsters, in an attempt to scam innocent internet users.

Is this *your* passport being used by email scammers?

Have you received an email from “Karen Shaw”? Has she sent you her passport details?

Be on your guard against email scammers.

Multiply multilingual – Email scams aren’t just from Nigeria

They used to be called “Letters from Nigeria”, but it’s not such a good name these days. Because they can come from any corner of the world, in a multitude of languages.

Police rescue man and daughter kidnapped by email scammers

A man and his daughter are rescued by police after they were lured to South Africa by a scam email telling them they had won a fortune in a lottery.

Diplomat held at JFK airport with a lot of cash – a convoluted Nigerian email scam

A diplomat has been stopped at JFK airport in New York, carrying a lot of cash destined for your bank account.

Please send the certificate proving you own the money, or you’ll be charged with money laundering..

Gaddafi email scam offers you millions, and to set up an orphanage!

It’s not just malware authors who are taking advantage of the death of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi.

Scammers and fraudsters are exploiting what they see as a money-making opportunity too.

A 419 scam via snail mail

A share of $21 million dollars could be yours – if you believe the scam letter that has just appeared on your doormat.

Am I dead? Nigerian 419 scammer wants to know

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Subject: 419 scam

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How you can make over $290 million a week through email scams

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