Security firm RSA warns that its servers have been hacked

Hackers have broken into the servers of RSA, the security division of EMC, and stolen information related to the company’s SecurID two-factor authentication products.

Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage – Bogus CNN video scams Facebook users

Facebook users are being tricked into clicking on links which claim to be raw CNN footage of the Japanese tsunami by cold-hearted scammers – as part of a plot to earn money by driving web traffic to take online surveys.

Japanese Tsunami Launches Whale Into Building? It’s a Facebook clickjack scam

Sick-minded scammers are up to their dirty tricks again, trying to make a quick buck out of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami which has shocked people around the world.

This time they promise a video of a whale launched into a building by the power of the tsunami.

What is FouTube? Viral Facebook clickjacking video scams explored

FouTube, FbVideo, YoTube.. What are these sites?

And why should you be wary of odd video links on Facebook?

Apple issues mammoth security update for Safari browser

Safari 5 receives a colossal security patch from Apple – whether you’re a Windows or a Mac user, it’s time to update your systems.

Update your Apple devices to iOS 4.3, or risk malicious code attacks

Apple’s new iOS 4.3 update includes a number of critical security patches – some of which are designed to prevent vulnerabilities being exploited that could lead to malicious code being run on your iPhone or iPad.

But how are iPhone 3G users supposed to protect themselves?

Microsoft begs users to stop running IE6

Microsoft has launched another salvo in its campaign to hammer the final nail into the coffin of an outdated, insecure product: Internet Explorer 6.

Android malware clean-up exposes reliance on mobile carriers to push out updates

Google rolls out a clean-up tool to malware-infected Android users – but how are other users supposed to fix the underlying vulnerability?

Malicious PDF attack spammed out from compromised VioVet email system

If you’re a customer of VioVet, the UK pet supplies and medications website, then be very careful opening your email this morning.

Customers have received an email purporting to contain a £50 gift certificate from the firm – but they’re really being pointed to malware.

Lessons to learn from the HBGary Federal hack

The Anonymous attack on HBGary Federal should send a shiver down the spine of any IT administrator responsible for securing their own company.

Alleged Nintendo blackmailer arrested in Spain

Spanish police have arrested a man who is alleged to have attempted to blackmail video game giant Nintendo after accessing the personal information of 4,000 gamers.

VIDEO: How to steal passwords from a locked iPhone

German researchers say that they have found a way to steal passwords stored on a locked Apple iPhone in just six minutes.

Even if they don’t know your iPhone’s passcode.

Sophos Security Threat Report 2011 – Web seminar now online

Watch our online web seminar where we discuss the top threats affecting businesses today.

Facebook flaw allowed websites to steal users’ personal data without consent

Student researchers Rui Wang and Zhou Li found a vulnerability which allowed malicious websites to access a Facebook user’s private data without permission.

Would you want an unauthorised website to know your name, gender and date of birth?

Mark Zuckerberg fan page hacked on Facebook: What really happened?

High profile fan pages on Facebook were defaced via API vulnerability, says Facebook.

So, what does this mean for you if you’re a sysadmin responsible for securing your company’s Facebook presence?

South African news website forced offline by hackers

The website of the Mail & Guardian, a weekly South African newspaper, has been shut down following an attack by Russian hackers.