Pictures of Osama Bin Laden phishing attack hits Twitter users

Phishers are once again on the prowl for unsuspecting Twitter users, tempting their prey with the promise of pictures of Osama Bin Laden.

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Twitter finally released a “Stalkers” app? No, it’s a phishing scam

Twitter finally released an app that tracks your “Stalkers”?

The truth is that it’s a phishing attack designed to steal your username and password.

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Look like you lost weight in this video? It’s a Twitter phishing attack

The latest phishing attack is striking Twitter users by sending them messages saying that they’re fat.

Well, at least that’s how some people will interpret the message that’s being spammed out from compromised accounts.

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Compromised Twitter accounts spam out money-making adverts

Compromised Twitter accounts are once again being used by criminals to spam out adverts to unsuspecting users.

In the latest attack, Direct Messages have been sent between Twitter users promoting a “make money fast” website.

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Google AdWords phishing attack strikes inboxes

Have you received an email from Google saying that your Google AdWords campaign may have stopped running?

Beware the latest phishing campaign.

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Twitter phishing attack spreads via Direct Messages

A phishing attack has hit Twitter users, posing as a cheeky message asking if it is them who is pictured in a photo, video or mentioned in a blog post.

Have you kept your Twitter password safe and secure?

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Fake Facebook Security Team phishes passwords from users

Fraudsters, posing as Facebook’s real security team, are attempting to phish credentials from unsuspecting users.

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Phishing and YouTube marijuana videos send man to jail for 13 years

A man has been imprisoned after being found guilty of leading an international phishing operation, and growing marijuana on an industrial scale in his house.

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Beware shortcuts for getting more followers on Twitter

There are various different ways of getting more followers on Twitter. But some of them may bring unexpected risks.

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Look out! Outlook phishing form spammed out

Outlook users are targeted by phishing scam that poses as an account reconfiguration form.

Don’t make life easy for cybercriminals, and treat emails like this with suspicion.

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The President is finally taking charge? No, a Facebook phishing attack

Phishers are after your Facebook login details again, this time by spreading a link which purports to be a video of Barack Obama.

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HSBC phishers disguise attacks as Wimbledon tickets prize

Beware of emails claiming that you have won free tickets to the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

You could be about to be phished for your banking details!

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Phishers exploit Google Docs with Gmail de-activation alert

Phishers host their scam webpages on Google Docs in an attempt to steal Gmail credentials.

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Facebook phishing: Can you spot the difference?

Would you be able to tell a Facebook phishing page from the real thing? Why not try your luck as we examine a scam that has been circulating in the last 24 hours on the social network.

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A wave of PayPal phishing emails

Spam messages are being spammed around the world, pretending to come from PayPal but really designed to steal your credit card information.

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Phishers target South Africa’s BidorBuy auction website

It’s worth everybody remembering that phishing gangs and cybercriminals don’t just target users of multinational global brands such as eBay, PayPal and iTunes.

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