A cyber-thriller for our German readers: “Spam from the 8th floor”

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New Zealand hacker jailed in computer fraud and blackmail case

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Russian social networking worm wipes hard drive files

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Update on China quake cybercrime

A spammed-out malware campaign is trying to infect people posing as breaking news of the disaster in China.

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China crisis? Now India claims hackers are attacking it from behind the bamboo curtain

Accusations that Beijing-backed hackers are probing the official networks of foreign governments with intrusions and spyware seem to be popping up with more regularity.

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Teenage botmaster SoBe sentenced

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Multiple media reports on multimedia malware

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Mozilla warns thousands have downloaded poisoned Firefox plugin

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I spy with my private eye..

Regular visitors will be familiar with the case of Ruth and Michael Haephrati, the husband-and-wife team who wrote a Trojan horse and then sold it to detective agencies in Israel who used it to help business rivals spy on each other.

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Virus-writing contests are still a bad idea

There has been a right hoohah in the media and blogosphere about the “Race To Zero” contest being arranged for the next Defcon conference. In a nutshell, the “Race To Zero” organisers think it’s a good idea to encourage people to create new malware variants in order to test anti-virus products.

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Alleged webcam peeping tom charged in Canada

A 27-year-old man who has been charged almost 60 times with allegations that he used malware to take over victims’ computers and intimidated young women into posing nude for him.

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German spooks deploy spyware against Afghan ministry?

An interesting news story broke this weekend in Germany. According to reports in Der Spiegel, the BND – Germany’s foreign intelligence service – used spyware to monitor the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Afghanistan.

Confidential documents, passwords and email communications are said to have been compromised by German spies, and sent to the BND’s headquarters in Pullach, Germany.

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Shifting sands in the P2P landscape

Some new research published by the Digital Music News Research Group has revealed some interesting changes in the use of peer-to-peer file-sharing applications.

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Will you be wishing Trojan Horses a happy birthday tomorrow?

If my maths is right (and it probably isn’t), Trojan horses will be 3193 years old tomorrow.

Yes, according to military historians the city of Troy fell to the Greeks on April 24, 1184 BC, following a ten year siege.

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Anti-virus company Trend Micro: Our website has been hacked, risk of Trojan horse infection

If you have visited the website of anti-virus company Trend Micro this week there is a chance that your computer has been exposed to malware.

According to reports in the Japanese media, a number of webpages on the firm’s Japanese and English-language website were altered by hackers on Sunday 9 March, who used a malicious iFrame exploit to deliver a Trojan horse onto surfers’ computers.

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29A virus-writing gang shuts down

A notorious virus-writing gang has announced that it has ceased its operations.

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