Facebook phishing: Can you spot the difference?

Would you be able to tell a Facebook phishing page from the real thing? Why not try your luck as we examine a scam that has been circulating in the last 24 hours on the social network.

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How to stop your Gmail account being hacked

Graham Cluley describes what steps you should take to reduce the chances of your Gmail account being hacked.

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35 million Google profiles were *already* exposed on the internet

PhD student Matthijs R. Koot creates a database of 35 million Google profiles – scooping up real names, email addresses, and other personal data.

Should you be worried?

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US military contractors hacked – possible link with RSA SecurID breach

Hackers have broken into the network of Lockheed Martin and several other US military contractors, according to media reports.

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Super Mario data-slurping scare hits the Google Chrome web store

Fancy a game of Super Mario for free? Well, be careful – because although you may not have to pay any money for it, you might just be giving away a lot of your private data.

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Google rolls out silent fix for Android security vulnerability

Good news for any owners of Android devices worried about the recently announced security vulnerability that could allow allow unauthorised parties to snoop on your Google Calendar and Contacts information.

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Security hole could affect 99% of Android smartphones

99% of Android devices might be at risk from a vulnerability which could allow hackers to snoop on your Google Calendar and Contacts information.

Learn more about the problem, and how to protect yourself.

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Square Enix confirms website hack, email addresses and resumes stolen

Resumes of job hunters and email addresses of video game fans have been stolen by hackers in an attack on the Eidos and “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” websites.

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Internet security and privacy startup has its fan page shut down by Facebook.. again

An internet startup, which develops a security and privacy tool and regularly comments on Facebook safety issues, has had its Facebook fan page shut down by the site, for a second time.

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Hypocritical Facebook scores PR own-goal with sleazy attack on Google privacy

Facebook has been left red-faced after having to admit that it hired a PR agency to plant negative stories with the press about privacy concerns on Google.

But if Facebook really cared about your online privacy, wouldn’t they do a better job of protecting you?

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Free Subway gift card spam spreading on Facebook

You may have to hand over a lot of personal information in return for a $100 gift card at Subway. Make sure you aren’t helping the message spread to your Facebook friends.

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How Mother’s Day Facebook celebrations can lead to identity theft

Last time, we explained why you shouldn’t reveal your Royal Wedding guest name. Now we have to warn you that celebrating Mother’s Day on Facebook can lead to you giving away too much personal information about your children.

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Sophos to acquire Astaro – some reactions

Earlier today Sophos announced its plan to acquire Astaro, a world-leader in internet security appliances.

See how people have responded to the news.

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Apple iOS update quashes location tracking “bug”

Apple has released an iOS update for the iPhone and iPad, addressing concerns that the devices were tracking users’ locations.

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Why you shouldn’t reveal your Royal Wedding Guest name

Facebook users put themselves at risk by revealing the name they would use if they had an invitation to the Royal Wedding.

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Anger after scam-exposing community shut down by Facebook

In a bizarre and hard-to-understand move, a Facebook page which has helped countless users stay safe online has been shut down… by Facebook.

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