Poll: Do you think Apple should help the FBI crack open the San Bernardino iPhone?

It's one of the biggest computer security stories of the year - but where do you stand?

Is Apple CEO Tim Cook wrong to oppose court requests that the technology firm help the FBI unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino killers? Or is it important that a strong message is sent that customers' privacy should not be eroded?

I make my view pretty clear in the following YouTube video:

All of us are appalled by shootings like that which happened at San Bernadino, and our hearts go out to those innocent people who were killed and injured.

But the horror of San Bernardino must not be allowed to justify the continuing erosion of our collective privacy and liberty. Just because something might be possible, does not mean it should be done even if it might mean there might be more crime and terrorist acts in the future.

I'm prepared to live in a world of acceptable risk, as a risk-averse world which has stripped bare our privacy and liberty is not worth living in at all.

Our privacy is our freedom - and without it, the terrorists really will have won.

But what do you think? Take the quick online poll, and leave a comment below.

Do you think Apple should help the FBI crack open the San Bernardino iPhone?

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