Paul Walker Horrific Car Crash video scam spreads on Facebook. Watch out!


Facebook users need to be careful what what they click on.

The latest scam being spread across the social network claims to link to a shocking video showing the horrific fatal car crash that killed The Fast and the Furious movie star Paul Walker.

Here’s what a typical message looks like:

Paul Walker car crash Facebook scam

Disturbing Video - Paul Walker dies at the age of 40 - The star of Fast and Furious dies in tragic car crash in Southern California. The Porsche the was being driven by Walker’s friend lost control and crashed into a tree causing the car to exploded in fire. Bystanders were able to catch the accident on video and has uploaded them on the internet, the said videos will not be broadcasted on air due to the graphic materials being shown on the video while the first people to respond on the scene were trying to save him. Warning due to the graphic content this video is only suited for adults. Viewers discretion is ADVISED. Watch the video here: [LINK]

If you make the mistake of clicking on the link, you will find that a rogue application (posing as a legitimate app from a news broadcaster) wants you to grant it access to post from your Facebook account.

Paul Walker car crash Facebook scam

Of course, if you were sensible you would never give it such permission. But, unfortunately, you are on a ghoulish quest to watch a video of a movie star who died in a car crash. So perhaps you have no qualms about proceeding…

Paul Walker car crash Facebook scam

Next thing you know, you are taken to a webpage that poses as a tabloid celeb news site, claiming to have the graphic video.

But first they want you to download a media player, and perhaps complete an online survey.

Hold it right there! You should never install software from unknown sources, and there has been a long history of scammers using sensational content to drive Facebook users into taking money-making surveys (often by signing-up unsuspecting participants into premium rate mobile phone services).

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, your own Facebook account may have already published the same message about the Paul Walker crash video, and be tempting your friends and family into also clicking on the link.

Get wise about scams and Facebook risks, and warn your friends to be on the look out for messages like this. If you’re unfortunate enough to be hit, check your Facebook settings to revoke the rights of the rogue app to your profile - and report it to Facebook security.

If you are on Facebook, and want to be kept updated with news about security and privacy risks, and tips on how to protect yourself online, join the Graham Cluley Security News Facebook page.

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One Response

  1. Ben Claassens

    September 11, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

    I just saw this on FB, see these kind of videos all the time, luckily I won’t fall for that one.

    You can even see these types of link are “dodgy”

    Keep up the good work.

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