Mac App Store exposes users to security risks, claims researcher

If you are using the Apple Mac App Store you might be putting your computer’s security at risk, because of the service’s tardy attitude to critical updates.

Microsoft issues Windows security patches, but Office for Mac users left in the cold

Security patches for Windows and PowerPoint, but if you’re a user of older versions of Microsoft Office for Mac you’re left unprotected.

Mac fake anti-virus attack gets dirty to ensnare victims

The latest variants of the new Mac malware use particularly dirty tricks to catch out unsuspecting users.

Mac fake anti-virus attack adopts new disguise

New versions of the latest malware to hit Mac OS X users have come to light, following the discovery earlier this week of fake anti-virus attacks being spread by SEO poisoning.

Apple iOS update quashes location tracking “bug”

Apple has released an iOS update for the iPhone and iPad, addressing concerns that the devices were tracking users’ locations.

Free anti-virus for Mac named Best Anti-Malware solution at SC Awards

Who would have thought it? A free anti-virus program for Apple Macs being named best anti-malware solution ahead of those security products for boring old Windows.

The Color iPhone app, privacy, spam and hype

The much-hyped Color app offers to share photos with those around you – but what about privacy and spam concerns?

Apple issues mammoth security update for Safari browser

Safari 5 receives a colossal security patch from Apple – whether you’re a Windows or a Mac user, it’s time to update your systems.

Update your Apple devices to iOS 4.3, or risk malicious code attacks

Apple’s new iOS 4.3 update includes a number of critical security patches – some of which are designed to prevent vulnerabilities being exploited that could lead to malicious code being run on your iPhone or iPad.

But how are iPhone 3G users supposed to protect themselves?

Free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac: ‘Frankly there’s no reason not to try it’

Do you have a Mac at home? Do you run anti-virus on it?

Although there is much less malware for the Mac than for Windows, that’s no reason to put your head in the sand. And the specialist Mac magazines seem to agree..

Finally got that iPad? Facebook users hit by ‘via mobile web’ spam

Facebook accounts have been compromised by spammers, with messages claiming that the user has received a free Apple iPad.

VIDEO: How to steal passwords from a locked iPhone

German researchers say that they have found a way to steal passwords stored on a locked Apple iPhone in just six minutes.

Even if they don’t know your iPhone’s passcode.

Sophos Security Threat Report 2011 – Web seminar now online

Watch our online web seminar where we discuss the top threats affecting businesses today.

Facebook profile views and white iPhone 4 helps rogue apps spread virally

It’s been over a week, and there’s no sign of this particular survey scam – spread via a Facebook rogue application – dying off.

Many users are being hit every few seconds on the social network. Watch our video and find out more.

Sophos report reveals increase in social networking security threats

Download your free copy of the Sophos Security Threat Report 2011 now and learn more about not just social networking dangers, but also the many other security threats faced by businesses and computer users.

Chinese auction site sells thousands of stolen iTunes accounts

Hackers are selling access to stolen iTunes accounts on Chinese auction site Taobao.

Are you taking enough care with your iTunes and other online accounts?