How NOT to redact a PDF – Military radar secrets spilled

The UK Ministry of Defence has been caught out again by a schoolboy error – not knowing how to properly redact a PDF.

As we’ve explained before, if you’re an organisation that is making public an internal document, you best make sure that you have deleted or blacked out any personal, confidential or actionable information.

Flashback Mac Trojan poses as Adobe Flash update, opens backdoor

Mac users are once again being reminded to keep their anti-virus software up-to-date, following the discovery of a Trojan horse that poses as an update to Adobe Flash.

Adobe readies critical security patch for Flash Player

Adobe has scheduled a critical security update for Flash Player later today, protecting users against an important universal cross-site scripting attack that is being exploited in the wild.

Internet Explorer users have low IQ? Media hoaxed by bogus research

Media organisations are duped by false research claiming that Internet Explorer users are dumb.

Adobe Flash security update for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and Solaris users

It doesn’t matter if you run Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris or even Android.. it’s time to update Adobe Flash.

Dad catches daughters on webcam: Beware viral Facebook video link

Facebook is being hit by another viral message, spreading between users’ walls disguised as a link to a saucy video.

The messages, which are spreading rapidly, use a variety of different links but all claim to be a movie of a dad catching his daughters making a video on their webcam.

How NOT to redact a PDF – Nuclear submarine secrets spilled

A silly error leaves egg on the face of the British military – but have you learnt the lessons of how to properly redact a PDF?

Malicious PDF attack spammed out from compromised VioVet email system

If you’re a customer of VioVet, the UK pet supplies and medications website, then be very careful opening your email this morning.

Customers have received an email purporting to contain a £50 gift certificate from the firm – but they’re really being pointed to malware.

Zero-day Flash bugs squashed by Adobe

Adobe issues security update for Flash, patching against zero-day vulnerabilities – some of which have been exploited by malicious hackers.

Critical zero-day vulnerability found in Adobe Flash, Reader, Acrobat

Adobe Flash, Reader and Acrobat are vulnerable to security holes that could allow malicious hackers to take control over your computer.

Mammoth security patch rushed out for Adobe Acrobat and Reader

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Adobe races to patch zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player

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Critical patches for Windows and Flash Player

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Critical patches: Update your Adobe Flash player now

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Adobe products struck by zero-day attacks

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Users urged to update Photoshop CS4 as vulnerabilities found

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