The US Navy wants to buy your zero-day vulnerabilities

One likes to assume that the US Navy is planning to use the exploits to test and harden its own systems, rather than potentially exploit the computer systems of others.

But in this day and age, who knows…

RedTube porn website spreads malware, via iFrame invisible to the naked eye

Let’s face it – nobody goes to a website like RedTube to take a close look at the HTML source code.

So it’s no wonder that folks have been hit by a nasty malware infection…

Adobe patches Flash against latest flaw – but how long until the next zero-day bug?

It’s great that Adobe has fixed the latest vulnerability in Flash, which was being actively exploited by online criminals.

But what are you doing to reduce the risk before the *next* flaw is found?

Adobe Flash zero day vulnerability exploited by hackers to infect IE and Firefox users

Adobe has warned that online criminals are attacking Internet Explorer and Firefox users via an as-yet-unpatched zero day vulnerability in Adobe Flash.

Do you know how to enable Click to Play in your browser to protect yourself?

Dirty sex website xHamster exploited in malvertising campaign

xHamster, one of the world’s most visited adult video websites, has been caught serving up malware-laced adverts to unsuspecting punters.

Adobe patches second Flash zero-day vulnerability ahead of schedule

Ahead of schedule, Adobe begins to automatically update Flash against another actively-exploited security hole.

Running Adobe Flash? You need to read this today

Two critical security vulnerabilities, being actively exploited by online criminals, have been discovered in Adobe Flash.

There has been a patch released for one of them, but not the other one…

Critical updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat released – you can breathe again

You can stop holding your breath now, the wait is over.

Adobe has released security updates for Acrobat and its PDF Reader software fixing critical vulnerabilities in its Windows and Mac software.

Security patches for Microsoft products and Adobe Flash – what are you waiting for?

It’s that time of the month again.

Make sure your computers are properly patched, with the latest security fixes from Microsoft and Adobe.

Popular websites vulnerable to Rosetta Flash attack, Google security researcher warns

Computer users urged to update installations of Adobe Flash Player to mitigate against threat.

Google fixes its websites, and Twitter engineers admit their weekend was “ruined” as they rolled out a patch.

Got Adobe Reader on your Android device? You had best update it ASAP

A critical security vulnerability has been found in Adobe Reader for Android, which could lead to remote hackers compromising documents stored on your Android device and its SD memory card.

LaCie admits hackers have been stealing its customer information… for the last year

Anyone who bought LaCie products in the last year could be at risk as hackers accessed customer names, contact details, payment card details and possibly usernames and passwords.

Don’t delay. Get your Microsoft and Adobe security patches while they’re hot

Another Patch Tuesday, means another round of security updates from Microsoft and Adobe, designed to fix critical vulnerabilities in their software.

What are you waiting for?

Adobe Flash zero day exploit patched, after foreign policy websites compromised

Adobe Flash users are once again being told they need to update their software, after a new zero-day exploit was discovered.

The critical security flaw in in Adobe Flash Player was uncovered after hackers targeted visitors to a number of different foreign and economic policy websites dealing with matters of national security.

Adobe releases emergency security update for Flash Player

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe Flash, which is being exploited by online criminals.

Computer users are advised to patch their systems now.

Critical security patches for Adobe Reader released (Acrobat, Flash Player and AIR too)

There’s no time to waste.

If you are responsible for one of the many millions of computers around the world running Adobe software, you need to make sure that the latest security updates are being installed.