‘Secure’ BlackBerry Priv smartphone isn’t getting any Android updates

BlackBerry’s so-called ‘secure’ Android smartphone is never going to receive operating system updates.

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Ciphr blames rival company for partial data dump of its users

Ciphr, a company which offers encryption services for smartphone users, claims that a rival firm are behind a data dump of its customers’ email addresses and IMEI numbers.

David Bisson reports.

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BlackBerry releases security patches for the PRIV Android phone

BlackBerry keeps its promises, releasing the first regular security patch for its PRIV Android phone.

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BlackBerry believes in encryption backdoors – thinks it’s good for business

BlackBerry and its rivals couldn’t be further apart it seems, telling federal conference delegates that the company is a strong believer in providing law enforcement agencies with methods to lawfully intercept communications.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Business Insights blog.

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StealthGenie – the app that lets jealous partners spy on you and your online conversations

There’s a shady industry out there of businesses that sell spyware apps that market themselves to jealous partners, domestic abusers and stalkers, keen to spy upon others.

Learn more on the Hot for Security blog.

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Naked photos of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens leak online [VIDEO]

Private photographs which appear to be naked shots of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and actress Vanessa Hudgens have leaked online.

But is that a BlackBerry in the (alleged) Kim Kardashian’s hand?

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Barack Obama isn’t allowed an iPhone, ‘for security reasons’

He’s only too aware, of course, about how the mobile phone conversations of world leaders can be spied upon.

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BlackBerry BBM for Android and iOS launch scuppered by unofficial app release

Another PR nightmare for BlackBerry, as its BBM for iOS and Android launch is halted after an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online.

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BBM for Android? 100,000 users duped into downloading fake app

Do you want BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on your Android phone? BlackBerry announced that BBM will be going multi-platform later this year, becoming available to iPhone and Android users.

But beware fake apps in the Google Play store.

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BlackBerry warns of TIFF vulnerability that could allow malware to run on enterprise servers

Malicious hackers could create a boobytrapped TIFF image file and either trick a BlackBerry smartphone user into visiting a webpage carrying the image, or embed the malicious image directly into an email or instant message…

..and plant malware on your enterprise server.

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Mobile phone theft on the rise – here’s how to protect your data for free

Research released today has revealed that the theft of mobile phones is on the rise.

This isn’t just about losing an expensive phone – there’s also the threat of losing your data and money.

Learn how to better protect your phone.

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Hacker exposes Grindr users’ intimate information and explicit photos

A popular smartphone app used by the gay community to hook-up with similarly-minded people in their vicinity suffers from a serious security vulnerability that could expose personal information and explicit photos that they have been sent.

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BlackBerry outage made roads safer, police claim

Police in the UAE have given a surprising explanation for a dramatic fall in traffic accidents last week: drivers’ BlackBerrys weren’t working.

Was BlackBerry’s service outage the real reason for better road safety – or were other factors at play?

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BlackBerry outage, video apologies, a hoax and Ronnie Corbett

Millions of BlackBerry owners around the world have been feeling the pain this week as messaging and email systems collapsed in a service outage.

Which is hardly the ideal time for a BlackBerry-related hoax to be spread.

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More BlackBerry image problems: RIM warns of BES security vulnerabilities

RIM warns that a number of vulnerabilities have been found in its enterprise software (known as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BES).

If left unpatched, they could be exploited by malicious hackers.

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BlackBerry blog hacked after London riots

Hackers have defaced the BlackBerry blog, angry at RIM’s announcement that they would help the authorities investigate who was responsible for riots which have hit London.

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