iOS 7.03 and iOS 7.1 could be just around the corner, hopefully fixing security bugs


iOS 7 iconsThe next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 7.03, could be just around the corner - and hopefully it will properly fix some of the security and privacy bugs that have embarrassed the company since the launch of iOS 7.0 last month.

According to BGR, sources claim that Apple has seeded iOS 7.03 to internal employees and partners for testing and could be available for download as early as next week.

Fingers crossed that finally puts a nail in the coffin in the stream of lockscreen flaws that have allowed inventive researchers to show ways of waltzing past iOS security and accessing devices that should have been locked.

It’s also hoped that an update will fix problems that some users have experienced with iMessage.

While iOS 7.03 is only likely to contain minor changes and fixes, it is also widely anticipated that Apple will release a more meaty revision - iOS 7.1 - later this month at an event launching a new generation of iPads (presumably some of which will include Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint sensor that debuted with the iPhone 5S).

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  1. Wayne

    October 3, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

    Why do they have to release so many updates in such a short amount of time? If 7.1 is due in possibly a couple of weeks why does an interim 7.03 have to come out. I test virtually everything anytime an update comes out which winds my wife up no end - it’s partly my own fault for distrusting apple and doing all the testing but they are very shoddy ever since iOS 6 surfaced that I don’t trust their releases anymore. THey should of stopped with iOS 5.1.1 which was the best one

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