The ultimate geek privacy. You must be wearing these glasses, to read *anything* on the screen

Are you worried about someone looking over your shoulder, reading what is on your screen?

I may have found you the answer.

With the help of some recycled 3D glasses from your local multiplex, some polarising filters, a tube of glue and a sharp knife, you could make it impossible for anyone to read what is on your LCD monitor’s screen *unless* they are wearing the right eye furniture.

Check out what you can do by watching the following video:

Yes, anyone who is not wearing the glasses won’t have a clue what you’re looking at - all they will see is a blank screen.

Neat, eh? Okay, so it’s perhaps not entirely practical for most of us - but if you have some old hardware lying around it might make a fun weekend project.

A full guide on how to make your own privacy monitor can be found on the Instructables website.

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