Where can I find good security awareness training material for staff?

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Hi, I want to do a bit more “Security awareness” training for staff. We are a small law firm and both IT and Data security are of paramount importance. I’d like to cover areas such as, phishing emails, passwords, encryption and general information on why IT/data security is so important

Can anyone recommend any good resources for this please, ideally in the form of multiple-choice type questions which I can present at a meeting?

Many thanks

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I hope that you get several suggestions from people who have accessed such resources and can give you personal recommendations. I realise that you are really after a presentation to make your colleagues more aware of the issues, but…….in the meantime, have you tried the government resources (“they are here to help you”)

If you personally want to get a bit of additional insight, there is a good Open University online course that is in modular form and can be done in less than a week if you have enough time to spare at the evening and weekends. OU suggest it should take eight weeks and if you pace yourself in that way you can interact with others on the course to get feedback and discuss the concepts. The course has some practical examples and suggestions about managing online personal and business security.
The next one “starts” on October 2nd, but you can do it (and finish it) at any time.

Whatever happens, you’ll be way ahead of Donald Trump on “The Cyber”.

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Another resource to try would be here:


There are also materials.

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