Why is my new Android phone running a Chinese program?

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I just received my new smart phone. I just got it running right, and I woke up this morning and picked up my phone and it was running a Chinese program really fast. I took out the battery and it reset.

I ran anti-virus software which came up with nothing. The phone is running fine now I think

Model gofone gf50x
Android version 4.4.4

Any tips or warning would be a help. Any questions just ask

Later update:

My phone just did the same sort of thing, but this time beeped very loudly and took a picture of me.

Now I can`t get into my Gmail account,

That’s the story so far. I sent an email to the company that sold me the phone, and here is what they said:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

The writing you saw would be the factory diagnostics menu, this is normally used for testing the device and resetting to factory settings.

You may have inadvertently held one of the volume buttons whilst turning on the device, so there is nothing to worry about.

Kindest Regards,
Customer Support

Since then i downloaded a new virus checker and this program found 3 viruses. I hit the delete button, and since then no problems. I also found two TalkTalk invoices with full customer details and photos from Christmas day. I’m going to inform them.

Touch wood since then my phone deleted the files with noo problem, but questions remain:

1. Did the phone’s first customer find the same problem and sent it back. and the company sent it to me?

2. Was the malware installed before the first customer received it?

3. Is this a know problem with this software and are customers left in the dark>

or am I just unlucky>

All views and tips are welcome. Thanks all and to Graham for a great website.

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