Is there a (legit) security app for Windows Phone?

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Some time ago, I switched to a WindowsPhone. I’m happy with it, but as we all know: being happy is not enough in life. Security is needed, too.

So I’ve been looking for some security software for the WindowsPhone (Phone 8.1, which is soon to be updated to Win10). However, apart from a (I suppose) fake AVG scanner, I cannot find some decent, reliable/legit WinPhone App that will protect me from malware and/or viruses (the former being a much larger risk nowadays).

I do need this kind of security shield on my smartphone (Lumia 925) since from time to time, I carry confidential business emails on this phone. (Even though I will only occasionally download emails on this phone – if really needed – the platform should by now be growing up and protect its users. )

Does anyone know of a good protection App for WinPhone?
Or any vendor that is in the process of developing such a product, so that I can keep an eye on that particular vendor?

Thanks for any suggestions!

  • coyote
    I’m not a Microsoft or Apple fan (and I’m especially not a fan of Google) and I’m not actually an owner of a smart phone – so I can’t offer you any specific suggestions for the phone. But maybe websites like would be of use ? I don’t know if they have information on antivirus for phones but it might be worth looking into? Even if they don’t it might give you some ideas.
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