How do I stop someone from accessing my email account from the same IP address?

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Since early March someone has gotten into my network both at home and at work and are getting into my work/personal email accounts from the same IP as the network I am on.

I feel this is a targeted attack against me.

I have secured my email with two-step authentication. I have secured my laptop and made sure to close the gap in my Windows firewall but they are still getting in. I need help in shutting whoever is doing this down.

  • steveb_online
    Tammy I’m afraid you have not provided enough information to provide a useful answer. Do you have your own domain (and control over the DNS records) or are you using a corporate or public email service (ie: Gmail etc)? How did you confirm that the email comes “from your domain” (have you interrogated the email headers (instructions available at What email client are you using? You state that someone is accessing “your network”. Can you be more specific about what you mean by that. Do you have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or similar device/server that has access to the internet that could be a weak point in your security? If someone is ACTUALLY using your email server, they have access to your hosting service or NAS (you should change the password to any hosting package that has an email server attached) , but they may be spoofing your email server name and IP address, so several options are open at this stage.
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