How do you get rid of Adchoice and other ads? I dislike advertising.

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I tried to opt out of some advertisers but they keep coming back. I do not want my history, interests and personal info tracked. On web sites ads are all over the web page, some of the photos are disgusting to look at.

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Dee. There are a couple of ways that Adchoice gets pushed to your browser, apparently. There may be adware on your PC, or it can also be delivered by the website you are visiting, without any software on your PC (see

It is worth running a program like Malwarebytes which will identify and quarantine unwanted adware and PUPs for you. I avoid the “fixes” that are offered on websites to remove individual threats (there are several for Adchoices) unless I have independent verification that they are not, themselves, malware in disguise.

To remove Adchoice manually from your PC can be fiddly if your favoured software tool fails to do the job. It may appear in the Control_Panel>Add_Remove_Programs list. If it does, remove it. It can also exist as plugins to your browser. but you don’t say which browser or OS you have. Just Google this information and you’ll see many guides to remove the plugin and reset your browser. Some users even resort to editing the Registry, but hopefully that will not be necessary in your case.

If you don’t already have it, consider using the Adblock plus plugin for your browser.

Good luck.

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Try doing the following:

Remove basic cookies and tracking files from your computer on a regular basis.

Go to Internet options or settings in your web browser and select “Delete Browsing History”; or “Cleanup or Clear Private Data.” Select “Cookies” and “temporary Internet files” as items to delete and select “Delete” or “OK.”

This will remove cookies left behind by tracking programs and ad programs and prevent the pop-ups from reappearing anytime soon.

You should do this weekly for best results.

Some cookies are good and help sites remember user information.

Deleting cookies means you may have to reenter user names and other pre-filled information in online forms when visiting sites that you visit regularly.

Locate Adchoice program files on your computer.

Adchoice went beyond standard cookie files and installed files on the user`s computer.

Go to “Control Panel” and select “Add/Remove Programs.”

Look for files or programs named “Adchoice” and select “Remove.”

You may have to restart your computer. Type “Adchoice” into the search box on your computer, found in the “Start” menu for Windows users.

Review the results that come up and delete files that relate to the this pop-ups.

If you are unsure if a file relates to the pop-up software, consult a computer technician or leave the file alone.

Run your antivirus software or ad blocking software if you have either installed.

This can help remove malicious files that may have been overlooked and can also help remove other pop-up and spam-like software.

Antivirus software run on a regular basis can help protect your computer from viruses, spam and other online threats besides pop-up ads.

Restart your computer when you are prompted to do so or when you finish each of these steps.

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