Does Facebook Login Approvals work on the EE mobile network?

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Hi – I’m new to the forum, although Graham kindly spoke to me by e-mail a couple of weeks back.

I’m in the process of beefing up my internet security. One of the things I wanted to do was to add two-step verification to Facebook (known as Login Approval).

I tried setting it up and it seemed to work. I have received an e-mail from Facebook saying that I have activated this. All good.

You need a verified mobile number and it says it’s verified (and it’s set to “Only Me” as I don’t want people seeing it on my profile). However, according to my settings, I haven’t activated text messaging. When I try to do this, it asks me for my country (UK) and my network. EE is not listed, so I presume they don’t have an arrangement with them to allow Facebook texts.

As a result, I’ve not been able to activate text messaging. I therefore think I have the Login Approval set up, but won’t be able to get verification codes. Can EE users not get Login Approval therefore?

If anyone could tell me whether a) I’m right to think that b) how to proceed I’d be enormously grateful.

One final thing – it says it asks for approval when you sign in with a browser Facebook doesn’t recognise. I use mainly Chrome on my Mac and iPhone nowadays. Surely it means devices it doesn’t recognise? I haven’t told Facebook which devices should be the recognised ones. Have I missed out part of the process?

Thanks again


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OK, I was persuaded to browse incognito and try logging in. I was asked for a six-digit code, but I didn’t receive it – cue panic :)

I clicked the link “didn’t get a code” and there was an option to receive a code by text. I clicked that and it did arrive! It worked.

It seems that EE users can still use Login Approval then. Very happy to have this set up.

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