Why don't eBay/Paypal accept payments if I am using a VPN?

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I won an auction tonight and COULD not pay for my item, after 7 attempts including 7 SMS txts from paypal to my registered mobile number with the 6 digit number that PayPal send to your phone. You have to enter the number to proceed with payment so they know it IS you.

I have been on the phone with both parties and they were clueless until I mentioned I was using a VPN like I always do when doing anything with money or credit card details.

I THOUGHT I should point this out as I think it goes against all that Graham has to say about VPNs and do not understand the aforementioned company’s security protocols.

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I don’t know why you’re having problems, but I can tell you that I regularly make eBay/PayPal purchases while using a VPN, and don’t experience any difficulties.

Is it possible that you are using a VPN that has been blacklisted by eBay/PayPal for nefarious behaviour in the past by some of its users? Are you using the VPN to pretend to be in a different country (which might *potentially* trigger an alert at eBay or PayPal)?

Have you tried using a different VPN to see if you have the same experience?

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I too regularly use a VPN. Not just for purchases. Regardless of the exit nodes country I feature no issues with using my CC via paypal. These are conducted outside of a paypal account, and the details (supposedly) not stored by PP – which is wise considering their previously demonstrated capacity for trustability.

Mayhaps it’s the payment methodology itself, as VPN’s don’t appear to be the cause of the issue, at least in my experience. – unless as previously mentioned you’re using VPN that’s allowed to be abused, in which case there’s possibly better things to be worrying about.

I have previously tripped “payment fraud” from using another countries IP to which the card resides, commonly when renting more servers, but I’m thinking this occurs at another layer to PP in the transaction chain. This only typically occurs at the account creation stage and further payments are fine from anywhere or anyone.

To assume you’re actually seeking some resolution to this issue, more useful in terms of diagnostics is better relay of the precise error encountered, and precisely how caused. To view it “sensibly” PP has a customer services(lol, they are joke – and not a particularly funny one – at best) department, in which resides people who’s job it is to resolve such issues.

Having followed Graham for some time now I can independantly verify his advise concerning the use of VPN’s to be reasonably sound. My VPN use predates such reccomendations so I’ve a little first hand experience to fall on. Typically when using a VPN you will only feature problems with using a service when the service has gone out of their way to specifically handle such traffic differently – Something becoming increasingly common of recency – This sort of behaviour should raise questions on at least why they have undergone the effort involved, let alone how much you should trust using that service further. If they don’t care enough to preserve your privacy and security then they really don’t deserve your traffic.


Since writing the above I’ve asked other users of my VPN from NA about CC purchases, whilst using my VPN. It might be possible that the card provider is a factor.

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