What is the best anti-virus?

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I have been using Avast Free but armed with a new computer I feel that I should purchase the best product on the market.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • David L
    Hi, I may be a little late,but here is another very good and trusted AV testing group. Although I use Avast myself, you are wise to evaluate the options for your own taste. http://www.av-comparatives.org/
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I have been using Bulldog for 2/3 weeks, appears to be doing its job.
Second visit to their site; to sign up; the price dropped to 55 pounds from 80.
Even better!

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“best” is subjective.

The most trustable ones are ones that would be open source. To take into account the previous history of most a/v programmers the openess of the source merits use before the software that hides what it’s doing.

I personally use clamAV. Free, open source. A good reliable engine that powers the backend of quite a few “professional” email solutions A/V activities. The lists of “fingerprints” seems well maintained, considering this is free.

For me it is only a formality however as I run an OS that isn’t likely to become exploited up to SYSTEM level privs from malicously crafted TrueType Fonts. That’s almost as funny as remote code execution via notepad.

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