AirDrop bug - How to disable on a MacBook?

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Re: the article on the AirDrop Bug.

I am very new to Macs, and cannot find any way to disable this “feature” unless I disable Bluetooth completely.
Is that what I have to do?


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From that article:

“For now there is no news from Apple as to when a proper full patch will be released.”

It seems to me Apple is taking their time, if there still isn’t a fix (of course telephone carrier also is part of the equation – at least for mobile/cellular phones – on that part but they obviously can’t push out updates without the update in the first place).

“In the meantime, maybe it would be sensible to disable AirDrop, or at least limit it to only allowing file sharing requests from your contacts.”

You could try the latter part – how I don’t know as I don’t have Apple products. Maybe there is a document/howto somewhere but in the meantime – if I don’t forget by the time I’m done here – I’ll send a note to Graham so he maybe can respond to this.

“Note, by the way, that by default it’s possible to enable AirDrop from the lock screen — so even locked phones could be at risk if an attacker has physical access to them. So maybe you should also consider blocking Control Center access from the lock screen, if you really want to secure your iPhone or iPad.”

Whether that means AirDrop on MacBook is affected or not I can’t say – it isn’t an impossibility but I don’t know for sure. But you could consider those steps that he refers to, as well.

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Although the method of disabling AirDrop in iOS is well-documented, I haven’t been able to find any simple user-friendly way via the interface of disabling the facility in OS X.

However, it does appear that you can disable AirDrop’s OS X at the command-line using Terminal.

Check out this YouTube video for details.

According to the video, here are the commands to enter Terminal:

To turn off AirDrop:

defaults write DisableAirDrop -bool YES

and to turn on AirDrop:

defaults write DisableAirDrop -bool NO

  • spryte
    Thanks Graham. Turned it off as there are so many Bluetooth devices near me… Will be looking at a way to make this some kind of ‘Toggle’ with a function key.
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