Sponsor: WP Engine

Graham Cluley Security News is this week sponsored by the great WordPress-hosting platform WP Engine.

If you self-host your own WordPress installation then chances are you know all about what a hassle it can be making sure your site is secure. Not only do you have to worry about whether you’ve goofed up your configuration of WordPress, but you also need to be aware that there could be vulnerabilities lurking in the multitude of third-party plugins you have installed.

WP Engine takes away that pain, providing a fully-managed WordPress hosting platform to help keep it safe.

WP Engine specialises in WordPress-hosting. They live and breathe this stuff, which means that they know their onions – and have thought through exactly how to harden a WordPress site from attack.

So, they automatically scan for (and fix!) attempts by hackers to mess with your site, and in the unlikely event of it still getting hacked, they promise to mend your site for you… at no additional charge.

At the same time, WP Engine has a fantastic reputation for its speed, and uptime. Many people when they first move to WP Engine can’t believe how much quicker their site has become, and if you ever get onto the front page of Reddit or Slashdot and are swamped with traffic WP Engine is there to make sure your site *stays* up.

There is more I could say, but maybe all you need to know is that when I set up Graham Cluley Security News, I realised that security and uptime were not something I was prepared to compromise over. So I chose to host my site with WP Engine.

Find out more on WP Engine’s website.