How to crack GCHQ’s hacker recruitment puzzle

Professor Alan Woodward reveals how to crack GCHQ’s online puzzle – designed to help them recruit codebreakers and hackers.

Protecting private email on the internet from eavesdroppers

Independent security expert Per Thorsheim calls for more mail servers to beef up their security – by adopting STARTTLS to prevent email eavesdropping.

Hacking and cybercrime evolution at IP EXPO

Neither breaking the law nor poor renditions of power ballads should ever be considered a qualification to speak at an IT event about computer security.

Mikko Hyppönen: “You should not be worried about PRISM. You should be outraged”

We should not just accept such blanket and wholesale surveillance from one country onto the rest of the world, argues security expert Mikko Hypponen.

How the NSA cheated cryptography

Cheating with the privacy of billions of internet users is nothing but very, very wrong.

Martijn Grooten takes a close look at elliptic curves, as he describes the maths behind the NSA’s backdoor.

Want to spy for GCHQ? Here’s its recruitment puzzle to test your code-cracking mettle

The UK surveillance agency, with wonderful timing, is running an online recruitment drive for code-breakers.

Edward Snowden doesn’t currently have a job – I wonder if he’ll apply?

Alan Solomon reminds NSA (and anyone else listening) that unbreakable codes *do* exist

Computer security veteran Dr Alan Solomon shares his reflections on the NSA electronic snooping debacle that has been dominating the headlines.

Secret documents reveal NSA spying on encrypted internet communications

If you haven’t read the articles in the New York Times or The Guardian today, you probably should.

The NSA is not just spying on encrypted internet communications, it is covertly working to make encryption weaker.

Bitcoin wallets created on Android devices at risk of theft

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in Android Bitcoin wallet apps that could leave users “vulnerable to theft”.

Lavabit email service shuts down abruptly, blaming US government

Lavabit has abruptly decided to close its doors, claiming that it has been forced to do so rather than become “complicit in crimes against the American people.”

Crumbs! Sounds like the law forbids freed LulzSec hacker from safely dumping his old computer

The infamous LulzSec hacker Topiary is free, but has been given some restrictions on what he can and cannot do on his computer.

Three wireless security myths – busted! [VIDEO]

Learn the truth about WiFi security’s biggest myths. Everyone who runs a WiFi hotspot at home or in the office should watch this.

Chinese "spy" steals NASA laptop. No secrets on hard drive. Only porn

A Chinese research scientist, suspected of spying on NASA, was pulled off a plane by the FBI as it prepared to take off back to his home country.

But when investigators examined a NASA laptop in Bo Jiang’s possession they found no evidence of confidential data stolen from the administration. Instead, they found pirated movies and pornography.

XKCD cartoon reminds users to log out for better security

It’s disturbing just how many people seem to leave their computers permanently logged in to online services. An XKCD cartoon teaches us all an important security lesson.

Simple Google search unlocks GCHQ code-cracking competition

GCHQ has done a poor job of locking down its code-breaking competition website, making it child’s play for anyone to be told they were successful.

Blox at Bletchley Park

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