Crowdfunded movie asks “What happens when facial recognition becomes sentient?”

Graham Cluley @gcluley

If the thought of Facebook facial recognition and internet surveillance sends a chill down your spine, then maybe you’re the ideal audience for a new ultra-low budget sci-fi movie.

“Nightmare Code” is an independent sci-fi thriller about a behaviour recognition technology start-up whose software begins modifying human behavior with horrifying results.

Check out the teaser trailer, or watch this more detailed video explaining the concept of the movie:

If you want to help the movie raise some cash for marketing, and to get it submitted to film festivals, you can lend them a hand via their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Imaginatively, the folks behind the feature film are offering supporters the chance to appear in the movie, wherever they are in the world:

For donors who choose the perk of being in the movie, no acting required! Simply:

Turn on your computer camera (or tablet or mobile phone).
Work as you normally would for about 10 seconds…
…then FREEZE staring at the screen for approximately another 10 seconds.
Stop recording and email the video to an address we’ll provide.

That’s all – then you’re in Nightmare Code for all time!

Learn more on the film’s Indiegogo page.

Graham Cluley Graham Cluley is a veteran of the anti-virus industry having worked for a number of security companies since the early 1990s when he wrote the first ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows. Now an independent security analyst, he regularly makes media appearances and is an international public speaker on the topic of computer security, hackers, and online privacy. Follow him on Twitter at @gcluley, or drop him an email.